Ryan Stotts

Kraft Now Pay Later

Kraft now, pay later

In late 2018, Kraft was a brand refreshing its purpose, a purpose focused on relieving parental stress and bringing more joy to families. This aligned with its history.  Kraft is a brand built on family with products specifically designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, making mealtime simpler and less stressful. 

So, on December 21, when the US government shut down, Kraft decided to put this new purpose into action. The brand stepped up helping government workers and their families who were facing an extraordinarily stressful time.

The store was promoted primarily on social where it spread through networks of federal workers. PR was paramount in bringing the news to as many people as possible and customers rose to 2350/day. The news bubbled up and was soon mentioned in local, national, and international broadcast news reports and publications, quickly ramping to 700,000,000 media impressions.

Cannes Lions: 2 Silver
Clios: 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
One Show: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
D&AD: 1 Wood
ADC: Bronze