Ryan Stotts

Samsung AllShare


For the launch of AllShare,  Samsung tasked us with introducing more than just a new product, they asked us to help introduce a new behavior to the world. AllShare is Samsung’s newest technology that allows anyone to share anything instantly with nearby device. To accomplish this we wanted to demonstrate the tech human way on the world’s biggest tech stage: CES. So instead of putting some guy on stage with a powerpoint, we decided to let the technology speak for itself. We created an experience where a DJ would live-edit a film in front of thousands by instantly AllShare content from 26 mobile devices to 26 connected displays.

The film itself was shot across seventeen countries on four continents and when brought together on the 26 displays it demonstrates how we are all connected by this act of sharing. The result was more than a singular event or film, it was an introduction to entirely new way to connect.